Why Freshly ditched spreadsheets to get to 96% CSAT

Freshly provides differentiating customer support. They innovate in proactive outreach, in the channels upon which they support customers, and in how they follow up after support interactions. They are also on the cutting edge of omnichannel quality assurance in terms of the processes and technology that they have in place.  

They do all of this because they want to provide really fantastic customer experiences, and it’s working. Freshly now boasts a consistent 96% customer satisfaction. Ben Segal, Senior Manager of Customer Service Excellence, tells us how they did it:

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How Illuminate Education Created an Authentic Feedback and Growth Mindset Culture with Peer Review

Before MaestroQA, the support team at Illuminate Education was doing what many companies in the early phases of a quality assurance program do – they were spot checking tickets reactively, particularly when they were made aware of an issue (a bad CSAT score or a customer complaint). And, like many companies in this phase, they were managing the process in spreadsheets.

Matt Dale, VP of Support, and Kallen Banks, Senior Support Manager, didn’t feel like they fully knew what was going on in agent-customer interactions, and they didn’t have a strategy or process for team improvement unless an issue was escalated (in which case they’d give the agent feedback).  

This is their story:

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How Harry’s uses Zendesk and MaestroQA to deliver effortless customer experiences

The right razor produces a smooth shave—but, even more than that, the right razor leaves you feeling confident and ready to step out, fresh-faced, into the world. That’s the kind of experience that Harry’s wants its customers to have. The company stands for quality products at a fair price and owns everything from product design to manufacturing to shipping to customer support.

Harry’s brings the same focus on quality to their customer service. Here’s how they use MaestroQA and Zendesk to give their customers incredible experiences:

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How Headspace maintains brand voice consistency across an outsourced team

The support team at Headspace works to capture the CEOs authenticity and passion for mediation – it’s their job to make sure users feel encouraged by Headspace to continue their practice. With a partially outsourced team, this poses a bit of a challenge. But Headspace has a robust quality assurance program to aid them in overcoming this obstacle.

The following is a Q&A with Michael Luevanos, Quality Assurance Manager and Kenny Bonilla, Quality Assurance Specialist at Headspace.

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How SpotHero Scaled Their Customer Care Team from Two to Forty

SpotHero’s Customer Satisfaction Score is consistently above 95% each month, so why did Terrance Chatman, SpotHero’s Training and Quality Manager, who helped the company scale the Customer Care team from two to 40, implement a QA and Coaching program?

Read more to learn about how the team scaled with customer service quality assurance:

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Pipedrive Invests in Quality to Build Deeper Customer Relationships

Pipedrive is built around the philosophy that salespeople cannot control the outcome, only their actions. The company helps sales teams focus on sales activities that matter. They have grown to over 50,000 customers globally and to almost 300 employees working in offices in New York, Lisbon, London, and Tallinn and Tartu in Estonia.

Here’s how they use customer service quality assurance to build deeper customer relationships:

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How FabFitFun Uses Customer Service Quality Assurance to Manage a Best-In-Class Support Team

FabFitFun believes that women should have easy access to products that enable them to live a good and empowered life (and that it shouldn’t cost a fortune). They help customers achieve this through sending a quarterly, full sized, subscription box with the latest beauty, health and wellness, fashion and home products.  

The company also believes that if a customer needs help with something, they should have an incredible customer support experience. To FabFitFun, the “Customer is Queen.” And this has led to some innovative and creative solutions in managing their large (and growing) support team.

We recently sat down with Caitlin Logan, Senior Director of Customer Experience at FabFitFun to talk about the metrics she uses to manage her 200 person team of customer support agents. The following is a Q&A from that conversation:

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How ActiveCampaign uses MaestroQA to scale their support team, and improve team dynamics

Last week, MaestroQA took a trip ✈️ to the Windy City to attend Zendesk’s Future of Customer Experience conference. Our partner Spencer at ActiveCampaign spoke about how MaestroQA helps his team scale efficiently, onboard agents, and maintain the company’s close-knit culture 😍  

Click in 👀for an audio recording, and to see how Spencer uses QA to efficiently scale his team.

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