Don't Settle. Dig Beneath The Surface For Customer Insights.

Welcome to Support Spotlight, where we analyze the bajeebies out of a support interaction from the past week. Because we're uncomfortably obsessed with support quality…

This week, the support interaction showcases what we like to call the "Big Dig": a technique to dig deeper into a seemingly simple customer request in order to gain insight into your customer's experience using your product, and ultimately to improve that experience.

Take a look at the brief conversation below, then we'll dive into the analysis.

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Is Your Quality Assurance Program Built for 2018?

Customer service quality assurance was born in a world where companies looked at customer service as a necessary evil.

Though many companies still operate this way, I know from personal conversations with many of you that this is not why we are passionate about customer service.

We view each interaction with a customer as an opportunity to delight, build trust, and foster a loyal relationship. Customers are at the center of our businesses. Each conversation is a representation of our brand, and an opportunity to create a customer advocate. 

We don't just measure our teams' successes by improving the number of contacts handled per hour, increasing the number of contacts avoided, and reducing our average handle time.

Instead, we measure our success based on our customers’ experience. 

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5 ways Quality Assurance Programs can improve CSAT Scores

For those of you who are new to the concept of customer service quality assurance, it's a formalized process of reviewing customer support representatives' phone calls, email threads, and chat conversations according to a scorecard. A scorecard consists of criteria like tone of voice, grammar, or accuracy of response, that a manager can use to quantify the agent's performance.

For those of you who already know about QA programs, here are five ways to think about how to leverage your QA program to drive larger, more strategic initiatives:

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CSAT Scores VS Quality Assurance Scores – Which Is Better?

On the battlefield of customer service, there exist two metrics that are constantly competing for attention: CSAT and Quality Assurance Scores. 

Given this is a MaestroQA blog post, you probably think we will say QA Scores are better. Instead, we believe neither is better, both are necessary, and what matters most is knowing when to use one or the other.  

Here's how we think about the best use cases for both metrics: 

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How to build Your First QA Scorecard

If you're the Director of a 15, 50, or 100+ person customer service team, whose managers give feedback to agents on how to handle customer interactions but don't have a formal QA program, this article is for you. 

It’s time to consider a more formal customer service quality assurance and feedback program. The first step is to build a QA Scorecard. But how should you start?

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